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School Rules / Expectations

View the full KMA handbook here. KMA handbook

Dress Code

While on campus or at any school sponsored event students and guests shall be dressed and groomed in a manner that reflects good taste and decency and will not interfere with the educational environment, instructional program, general morale, or image of the school. All attire must be modest, neat, clean, and consistent with legal provisions. Shoes must be worn at all times. The following are not allowed on campus or at any school sponsored event:

Dress, grooming or accessories that:

  • Are considered unsafe, dangerous, or a health hazard. (e.g. Spiked projections, chains,etc.)
  • Contain offensive or obscene symbols, signs, or slogans degrading any cultural, religious, or ethnic values
  • Contain language or symbols oriented toward sex, drugs, alcohol, or tobacco
  • Contain gang symbols, display gang colors, or clothing that denotes gang affiliation
  • Tube tops, halter tops, blouses, sweaters or shirts that are low cut or expose the midsection or the buttocks; blouses without undergarments; tops with thin straps; perforated undershirt (fish net) and muscle shirts
  • Appropriate hats are acceptable; no hats are allowed with unacceptable colors or which promote alcohol, tobacco or drugs. Each teacher determines his/her own policy regarding hats in the classroom

Any student wearing inappropriate attire will be directed to change and will receive a warning.
Repeated dress code violations may result in suspension.

Electronic Devices

Cell Phones are to remain OFF unless they are being used for a specific, academic purpose.  Your teachers will let you know if they are to be used for a specific, academic purpose.

Disruptive electronic devices are not permitted at school and will be confiscated if seen.  Parents will be required to pick up all confiscated items.  Examples of electronic devices are, but are not limited to, as follows: Camera, Walkman, MP3 Player, Video Games, and Cell Phones.

Phones can be used to play music during lab hours if headphones/earbuds are being used, but phones should not be used in the lab for any other purpose.  Students in the lab are there to complete work, and any disruptions are dealt with as a way to maintain an optimal learning environment for all students.