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About Us

Welcome to Keith McCarthy Academy

Keith McCarthy Academy (KMA) is an Alternative School of Choice. Keith McCarthy Academy is comprised of three distinct programs, our Transitional Kindergarten-Grade 5 program, Middle School, and our High School program.
Our Transitional Kindergarten-Grade 5 program uses K12 curriculum to provide a blended learning format through independent student guidelines.  Middle School uses Edmentum along with weekly direct instruction classes to provide a blended program with teacher support. Students are provided a comprehensive curriculum that is supported by a highly qualified teacher, through online and in-person supports, including learning clinics held at our campus with other students.
Our high school program is designed to serve high school students in their academic progress toward earning a high school diploma.

The independent high school study program at KMA is taught utilizing a team teaching format.  KMA teachers are highly qualified and credentialed in all core curriculum courses.  Students will work with their teachers in a small group setting with weekly direct instruction sessions that are held at the campus, and also streamed online for students that can't make the sessions, or want to review the content later.

Students are assigned about three courses at a time, with more or less depending on their graduation plans. There are 4 quarters per year and each one is approximately 9 weeks in duration.  Students typically earn eighty credits per school year.  If a student completes a course early, he or she may be assigned a new course to accelerate their graduation plans.

Students can earn credits and return to the comprehensive high schools or they can graduate from Keith McCarthy Academy in our graduation ceremony held at the Storm Stadium every year.  We offer a small school setting, a safe, clean environment, and an opportunity to achieve.