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Attendance Policy

In order for students to receive full attendance credit, a student must attend each week for one hour minimum AND must complete his or her work assignment and have it checked by one of the teachers. Students may sometimes be required to attend more than one hour per day or one day per week.
In order to meet the individual academic needs of each student, there will be ongoing assessments. Some students may be required to attend a basic skills lab to strengthen their skills. There will be an additional attendance requirement of a minimum of five hours per week. Once skills have improved sufficiently, the student will no longer be required to attend the lab class.
Students are assigned coursework that aligns with the state standards and the LEUSD high school curriculum. Each student is expected to work a minimum of 20 hours per week at home on coursework.  All work is corrected. Make sure you do quality work!
There are NO EXCUSED ABSENCES.  Once a student has a combination of 3 absences and/or incompletes, that student will be referred to guidance council for alternate placement.  
Reasons for absences or incompletes include ALL of the following: 
  • Carelessly done work
  • Incomplete work
  • Assigned work is to be completed before the student arrives in class
  • Work with more than one person’s handwriting in it
  • Not attending school on the assigned day
  • Not staying for full hour of attendance
  • Missing school for any reason
  • Pages torn out of workbooks 
  • Each student MUST attend on his or her assigned day.
  • You must earn 20 credits each quarter.
  • Students are required to participate in state testing. Failure to do so may result in removal from Keith McCarthy Academy.